Former Washington Redskins player, Charles Jackson, founded The Making Of A Champion Youth Program in 1990 in memory of his wife, Jannie 23 years old and son, Jakari 18 months old, who were both killed in a car accident in 1990. Mr. Jackson was a passenger in the car, and walked away from the accident with only scratches.

For many years Mr. Jackson wondered why God let him live and his wife and son die. From this tragedy was born The Making Of A Champion Youth Program which was incorporated as a 501(c3) charity in 1995. Mr. Jackson started out with his three nephews. From there the program grew with many more kids to come. “Every time I help a child, it’s like I am helping my son.”

Mr. Jackson who grew up in public housing in inner-city Miami (Liberty City) wanted to make sure that inner-city boys did not turn to a life of crime and ruin their lives at an early age. Today, The Making Of A Champion Youth Program has helped hundreds and thousands of boys and girls from all different cultures, nationalities regardless of color or creed.