Lynette, Mother of Darin

“This program has helped Darin in many ways. I see a change in Darin. Now, Darin wants to try more in school and at home. He talks about Mr. Jackson like he is his father. Darin wants to do better now, and he has made a big change in his life.”

Osline, Mother of Guerdwinitz and Ghiashnitz

“I had a desperate urge to save my sons, Guerdwintz and Ghiashitz from failing like man of the other African American males in society. This program is my dream come true."

Shewana, Mother of Darius and Kevin

I thank God for The Making of A Champion Youth Program, being a program that aids to the cries and needs of children. Since my sons’ involvement in this program, I have noticed a tremendous difference in their attitudes, desires, performance and academics

Ebony, Mother of Tony

“This program is very unique and well put together. For the past five years, Tony was introduced to a variety of people and places to either bring him a harsh reality as to a jail cell or to a million dollar home. It’s for Tony to decide. This program teaches him that he is not alone in life though his father is not around. This program has taught Tony that making the right decision can lead him to a road of success not regret. The founder of this program, Mr. Charles Jackson is ordained by God to see Tony through his good/bad times, and to support him to make and mold him into a man of God like himself. I see today that Tony will choose a better life spiritually, mentally, and physically to be an overall successful gentleman one day. I appreciate this program for the up-building for God’s kingdom.”