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This program is for any fatherless boys youth who are between the ages of 6 – 12 who are fatherless and live in inner-city South Florida regardless of color or creed. Once a child joins the program at the qualifying age, they can stay in the program until they finish high school.


  1. Referrals are received from parents, police, schools or other agencies.
  2. Referral are received by youth leaders.
  3. Intake assessment of child family needs.
  4. Referral made to other agencies, such as drug treatment, etc.
  5. Participation of child and family with positive activities and exposure to youth in an effort to divert the youth from becoming a part of the juvenile system.


  1. Help youth improve school behavior
  2. Show academic improvement in school
  3. Improve their home behavior
  4. Remain out of the juvenile justice system
  5. Remain drug free
  6. Become a productive citizen

Charles Jackson and youth with the greatest boxer/champion athlete of all time, Muhammad Ali.


  1. Advocacy
  2. Referrals and follow-up
  3. Individual, family and group counseling
  4. Karate Classes
  5. Field Trips
  6. Leadership/Training
  7. Motivational Incentives
  8. Motivational Speakers
  9. Workshops
  10. Guest Speakers
  11. Conflict Resolution
  12. Discipline Training
  13. Football Camps
  14. Additional prevention services

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Jaelyn Jackson

Jaelyn Jackson finished 6th in the nation after competing in the 400 meter dash in the Junior Olympics in Lawrence, Kansas, and was voted a Junior Olympics All American for 2017.